High achievers program

High Achievers Program

Clyde Secondary College is offering a learning pathway for highly able and academic Year 7 students. This program is designed to provide students with a challenging and diverse curriculum that will enhance each student’s ability to achieve success at school and beyond. 

Students will benefit from the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills beyond the mainstream classroom environment, enabling them to participate in learning based on their own performance and skills. 

They will be provided with open-ended activities and questions inviting curiosity, exploration and manipulation of ideas and materials at a deeper and broader level than might otherwise occur. Students are encouraged to focus on creativity, initiative, critical thinking, responsibility, and leadership.

How to apply

All students who have accepted a place at the College for Year 7 will be forwarded information on how to apply. Applicants will be required to sit a test. Please note the test incurs a non-refundable fee and does not guarantee a spot in the program.

How is the High Achievers program different?

Students in the High Achievers Program will be exposed to all core content that students must cover in the Mainstream Pathway. In some cases, pre-testing will establish the opportunity to skip ahead to new material and in others, students will learn both the mainstream material and additional, more complex, material.

The real difference is seen in the approach students take in their learning. Students have the opportunity to engage in individual, self-directed learning, that specifically addresses both their abilities and their interests.

We seek to modify both the content of the lessons and the way in which those lessons are taught, so that each individual in the pathway is catered for in the best way possible.