Student Devices

Clyde Secondary College will explore and use an innovative approach to ensure as a college we are at the cutting edge of best use of Technology. We want Technology to further deepen knowledge and be used as a resource not something that students need to become reliant on to achieve success. To support this the college will have an integrated bring your own device (BYOD) laptop system. 

Option One: I already have a device

It is important to ensure your device will meet our minimum requirements.

Minimum Requirements:

Hardware Specifications
Operating SystemWindows 10 or macOS 12 Monterey or newer
CPUIntel i3 generation 6 / Celeron 
Storage128GB SSD recommended at minimum
MemoryMinimum of 8GB of RAM (4GB for Chromebooks)
Battery Life6 hours or more to last through school day
NetworkMust support Wifi 6 compliance
FormLaptop or convertible device with a physical keyboard
SoftwareThe college will provide curriculum software
BrowserGoogle Chrome
USB ports

Option Two: I need to purchase a device

If you do not have a suitable device and wish to purchase one we have approached a Department of Education & Training authorised supplier (Edunet) to assist with the purchasing process by offering a number of laptops at different price points.  We have attached details of the online purchasing portal specifically designed for school environments.  Please note you are under no obligation to purchase from this supplier and may choose to purchase a device from any supplier, just make sure it meets the minimum requirements specified above.   Purchasing through Edunet has the following benefits;

  • Onsite support for warranty
  • Onsite support from school technician
  • Insurance including accidental damage options
  • Flexible payment options

As we are utilising Google Suite for our Teaching and Learning platform the college’s preferred device is a Google Chromebook as this will seamlessly integrate and utilise the programs the college is using. 

Please be aware that Chromebooks are cloud-based devices and a great for school use however if you purchase this it can limit other functions your child may want to do with a laptop such as gaming and access to desktop app versions of Office as these may not be supported on the Chromebook.

How to Purchase a Notebook through Edunet

  1. Go to the web portal through link:
  2. Select from the range of devices the school has selected that are suitable for the college at various range points.
  3. You will then be informed when your laptop is ready for collection from the college.

Google School 

The college has selected to utilise Google Workspace as its Teaching and Learning platform, where teaching documents and resources will be in Google platforms (google docs, google sheets etc). This will easily allow for integration between school and home and allow best support for students if remote learning is required.

Accessing Google Classroom 

At the start of the year, all students will be provided a google education account, along with instructions on how to access each of their individual class pages (Google Classrooms).